It was at about 26ish weeks that I stopped journaling this pregnancy journey. It wasn't because I didn't want to, it's because time was slipping away and we were moving. We finally were moving from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom rental house. I finally could start doing the nursery and allow my nesting to kick into gear. Sure enough, it pushed me to paint 3 rooms in one weekend. Thankfully I did that at 28 weeks, because once 29 weeks hit so did exhaustion. 

Here I am at 40 weeks, ready to give this whole blogging a go again. Attempting to maybe dive back into the world of bloggers in a new way. I mean, I blogged about faith, relationships etc... but now my life is about to be piled up into the mommy role. 

Here's a giant update/dump of everything that has been going on since we are most definitely near the end of this pregnancy:

1. Birth Plan : Get this baby out of me.... Kidding... But, seriously. It's a strange language pregnant ladies have. There are so many acronyms, vocab words & terms used during pregnancy that just wasn't in my every day language before. Thankfully, we just finished our Bradley Method classes with our wonderful teacher Lisa. So we feel super excited and ready as one could ever be for the birth process. We are still planning on doing the homebirth with our midwife! I can't begin to say how thankful I am to have chosen the midwife route. I didn't realize that the relationship aspect during pregnancy with your care provider was a REALLY big deal to me. I am also thankful that with my midwife comes an amazing birth team, which includes our Bradley teacher (and good friend of mine). My 3 biggest prayers for the whole birth process is: Healthy Birth, Peaceful Birth, & Debt Free birth. To those of our friends/family reading this... I'll give you a kind heads up. We will let y'all know when the baby is here. At this point (which means, it can change), our minds are made up that we aren't going to tell anyone but our birth team when labor begins. We promise it's for your own sanity. Apparently babies can either take a long time to get out or come quick! :) 

2. What I'm Reading (or want to read):

- Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: Jimmy and I agree, we both really felt like we understood what the author was trying to teach us. We tend to be more structure-ish wanting people. We tend to operate methodically with our days. A few things that stood out to us were her use of acronyms. E.A.S.Y (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You) and S.L.O.W. (Stop, Listen, Observe, What's up?) Jimmy has never been around babies, so even he was like, lets sticky note those around the house for me. E.A.S.Y is all about putting the baby on a rhythm, not a clock. The general rhythm is reset by the nap. So upon waking the baby eats, followed by an activity ( bathing, story, tummy time, walk, held, etc), then apparently babies are supposed to yawn and signal they are tired. This woman thinks that if you catch the baby before her third yawn, and lay her in her crib she should fall asleep just fine. The Y, You, means that she thinks that you as the mom need to take care of yourself. She mentioned eating, shower, nap &/or a few pieces of work. Then the S.L.O.W is for when the baby is crying. To stop for a moment and pause before you pick up the baby. Listen to the baby's cry, because apparently you can decipher what their cry is. Observe the baby's body language (watch for kicking feet, hands in the mouth, pain, strain and whatever else babies do when they're trying to communicate), and then figure out 'What's up?'. I guess Jimmy and I are sold on this. Its a helpful tool, nothing we will stick to 100%. But, the author's motto is to " start how you want to proceed". So it means, starting habits and rhythm as you want your newborn to do when they are 3 mos old. I think the biggest take away that Jimmy and I got was understanding the baby is a person, that needs their boundaries respected. We apologize in advance if when you ask to hold Ellis, we tell you to ask her. It's because the book says talking through what you are about to do with a baby helps keep them feeling safe and secure. Please excuse the new parents who might ask for ridiculous things when it comes to the baby. :)

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