Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here is part two of my little interviews with friends who are engaged or newlyweds! I can't believe how many friends are in this stage of life with me. I always get excited with each friend who gets engaged. Admittedly, I am not one of those girls who cries from excitement (laughter/embarrassment--yes), so my excitement is best expressed by a peppering of questions. Since I am so fresh off the wedding planning train, I am always ready to answer questions and help out!

Until then, here are some more really beautiful friends.

What are two things you love about your fiance?

1. He is GREAT with handling all of his finances. Such a comforting feeling.

2. He had never mentioned anything ever about having a crush on a celebrity! So pretty much I have no idea what his "type" is besides me... which is important if you're a girl!
(I obviously have tons of deep reasons that I love him, but those are two that I have been thinking about recently!)

What are the two hardest things about being engaged?

1. Every issue that comes up feels so much more important because we know we will be together for the rest of our lives. The stakes are higher so it's sometimes hard to overlook things like we would when we were dating.

2. Since he has been stable in his job pretty much our entire relationship, he is not as worried about finances as I am. Since I graduate in May, I want to be able to contribute to our finances as much as possible. So I've been putting tons of pressure on myself to find a job before I graduate. I am quickly realizing that I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself and realize that God is in complete control of that (and everything else)!

When is your wedding date?

July 26, 2013 • So we are about 3 months away!

Matt & Allison currently live in The Woodlands, TX. Matt is a Student Pastor and Allison is currently finishing up her degree at University of Texas in Austin. This is a crazy fun year of weddings for Matt and Allison. Allison's older sister got married in January. Matt's older brother, Kris, will be getting married this May. 

What are two things you love about your fiance?

84 days and counting. I am SO ready to be Mrs. Corey David Robinson. In all seriousness, I truly believe the Lord put His very, very best within this man, which is why it comes with no surprise that so many others hold him with as much regard as I do. He's amazing. Never in my life have I met a more humble and genuine individual as he, and it would be my honor to serve him and stand by him 'til the end of my days.

What are the two hardest things about being engaged?

We are so much better together than we are apart. Unfortunately, our entire two-year dating relationship has been long distance, so I'll sometimes find myself curled up in fetal position at the edge of my bed because I miss him so much. Flying out every two or three months to spend only a few days with each other hardly eases the pain of separation.. I miss my best friend. Corey and I are both looking forward to the day when there will no longer be a 1,600mi gap between us. So we just keep reminding ourselves, 84 more days. 84 more days then the world will be all cotton candy and unicorns again. Hallelujah.

When is your wedding date?
July 7th in Los Angeles! 

Mavicar currently lives in Los Angeles while her talented fiance, Corey, lives in The Woodlands,TX. Mavicar is studying to be a nurse and is a super talented worship leader. Corey is a graphic designer & photographer. These two lovelies are great friends with my husband! 

*Special thanks to (my friend) Tessa J. Photography for the lovely picture of Mavicar from their Austin Engagement Session

What are two things you love about being married?

One of the best things of marriage, is quality time with John. We are two busy bees (especially myself) and our time together is so dear and precious. Whether its shopping, cooking, playing cards, long walks, or Saturday mornings in bed when we refuse to set an alarm. I LOVE that the time spent with my husband, makes us fall more in love each day! Its so nice to be able to sit down for dinner and not have to think, oh yea, I have to head back to my house after this... Shoot! Your house is with me now! This time is so important to a marriage. I think stopping to take time to share life with your best friend is one of the best medicines for marriage.

Building our lives together is one of the most amazing things to do alongside my husband. I am a planner and a dreamer and it is so wonderful to talk with John about where we want to be in our lives 5, 10, 50 years from now. Talking about what we want to be when we “grow up” and how we will accomplish those things is so fun. From opening a music studio to creative marketing to dabbling in real estate, sometimes, our dreams are quite diverse. But what I love so much about John and our marriage is that we share our visions. Our dreams become one another’s and we pursue them together.

What are your two biggest challenges of marriage?

During engagement, I remember hearing so much about the challenges of marriage. “The first year is the worse,” “the honeymoon WILL end,” etc. As soon as I would hear something like this I would think to myself, yea, but not for John and me. Not a good idea. Engagement is the puppy love before marriage. You think you can be the exception to the norm and all of these sad stories about marriage could never be about you. But the truth is, sometimes marriage can be a little sticky. And it is okay.

One of my biggest challenges came a few months into being married when I realized the entirety of my vows and what marriage meant. Eternity with every beautiful thing I love about my husband, but also everything that can drive me crazy (I do love those parts as well). I felt anxious, alone (what kind of newlywed thinks like this??) and sad. We want to live in different cities! We want to have kids at different times! We are SO different! Luckily, I married the most caring and patient man in the world. Between him, and time with the Lord, my heart was slowly healed and transformed from being scared of the uncertainty before us, to excitement about our future.

Our other challenge, is work and opposite schedules have been the biggest pain in the butt during our first year of marriage. John often works late nights and long hours at the airport while I work two part time jobs and take a gross amount of graduate classes. At times, our schedules are totally backwards. This leads to us missing one another, which leads to frustration, which leads to bickering, which leads to tears, etc. We have had to be pretty strategic in making sure we spend quality time with one another and have found that we need it to function and to alleviate some of the symptoms of our busy lives during this season.

John & Mina currently live in Springfield, MO. These two lovely people will celebrate their 1-Year Anniversary on June 15th! I had the privilege of attending college with Mina's husband, John.