As a newish blogger, I know it's probably social media suicide to take a break so early in the launch. I will begin to post a bit more these next few weeks. I will try try try to reclaim Matron Mondays, Wednesday's Lists & at least one personal post a week.

I have started this post and deleted it many times. I guess it's because I didn't know how to come back after an extended hiatus. What does one say? I know what this one would say. Life has been busy, hard, interesting, fun & above all changing! Here's the biggest change to report today.

I have been working at May Designs for about 3 weeks now!

After 3 years at my last job, I felt like now is as good a time as any to chase crazy & fun dreams. If you had asked me a few months back if I thought I'd be where I am today, I would've said I don't know. Here's the deal. I love social media. Yay for finding fun jobs like this on instagram. I am now a designer with the most creative & fun girls in Houston!