I just realized today marks 5-months of marriage for Jimmy and I. We are still quite the newlyweds. Every Easter I am reminded again how quickly life changes. In 2010, the day after Easter, I packed up and moved from Connecticut to Texas. Someone wise told me that all the single guys are in Texas, not Connecticut. Of course I brushed that off and said, yeah right. Its crazy to think that within 3-years, my life could be permanently changed, for the best.

In honor of the beauty of 5-months of marriage, here are 5 things I love about being married to Jimmy:

1. He will humor me // I love the outdoors. So renting ATV's in Wassatch Mountains in Midway, Utah was one of those things I wanted to do badly on our honeymoon. This is one my of my favorite moments from our Honeymoon to Park City, Utah. At some point I will blog all about our adventures to Utah & Yellowstone/Tetons. 

2. He will Bake with me // He was a trooper and helped with a lot of Christmas Cookies. Even if I don't let him help too much, he's ok with my love language of quality time. I just like it when he's next to me. We don't even have to talk and I love it! 

3. He lets me choose the movies // Before we got married, he didn't know he was marrying a closet musical junkie. When we were on our honeymoon, driving through the Grand Tetons, I played the soundtrack of The Sound of Music. Of course I know all the words, scenes and facial expressions to the soundtrack, he had never seen it. So of course, the first cold damp night I whipped up a batch of tortellini soup & we watched The Sound of Music

4. He will be crafty with me // For Valentines Day, I didn't want a gift that could be wrapped. I wanted to finally finish decorating our apartment and hang up the deer head in the living room. So my amazing man installed a dimmer switch, switched out our lighting, hired a handyman to hang our pot rack, and got our friend to help nail up our wood boards. One of my favorite nights. I loved doing this with him. 

5. He loves adventures // What other guy will be ok with waking up at 5am for a surprise day trip? My guy was! I woke him up really early one Saturday morning, planned a mini-adventure & had packed his backpack for him (complete with designated attire & change of clothes). I loved the excitement I had in planning our adventure out to Austin. We went to Pedernales Falls & then rented bikes to travel through the city of Austin. Again, he humored me and was ok with going granola. I will say, Austin by bike is something we'll do more often. It was probably my favorite days with him! It was active, healthy & most of all, together!!