After an insanely busy Easter weekend, I didn't get to my grocery shopping on Saturday as planned, so I opted for shopping this morning. I get that April Fools day is today, so when I walked outside to find my car not parked where I left it -- I wasn't amused. I was even more unamused when I called my husband to find out it wasn't his joke, it was towed. Our apartment complex has a severe lack of parking, so I opted to take a $300 gamble in parking in an old parking spot turned striped tow away zone. Not my idea of a fun Monday morning. Guess this is what good people pray for, justice for those of us who try to bend the rules.

Today starts Day 1 of the Simple Green Smoothies 30-Day Challenge. It was a rough start, so I didn't get to start the day off exactly as planned. I didn't get to my smoothie making until lunch time. In spite of the shenanigans, I accomplished grocery shopping. Normally, I don't have weekday afternoons to shop, so I am not trained for battling the SAHM & Elderly crowds.

I think my favorite part of the smoothie challenge, is the grocery list & recipes they give you for the week. After careful discussion with the husband, we are going to start a modified paleo/Whole30 switch. Why modified - we JUST went grocery shopping not so long ago & we don't want to waste some of our big staples just yet.

Some recipes we are going to try this week:

- Sweet Potato Medallions
- Slow-Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken Wraps (modified seasonings)
- Cedar Plank Grilled Tilapia
- Cauliflower Rice
- Stuffed Bell Peppers

Today's Smoothie I tried:


1 1/2 cups spinach
2 carrots, include leaf tops (omitted)
2 cups water  unsweetened almond milk
1 banana
1 cup mango, frozen
1 cup pineapple, frozen

I don't think I am a fan of mango flavored smoothies. I like mango salsa, mango fresh, dried mango - but a mango drink isn't my favorite. Overall, you don't taste the spinach & you taste the pineapple and banana the most. I liked this smoothie & it filled up my mason jar to the very top. Since it is only day 1 I have no health miracles to report. We shall see how the meal preparations & menu go this week. I am the queen of planning meals for the hubs and I and then change my mind. My hope is to gain more energy this week.