I am obsessed with smoothies. More or less, I am obsessed with healthy. I am no nutritionist (I barely made a B in my College Nutrition class because it required more science that I can handle) but I know what is healthy. Leafy greens, unprocessed foods, non-gmo produce and organic dairy are a few things I consider part of a healthy balance. I have dabbled in Veganism, was a vegetarian for many years (another post later as to why I became a vegetarian), and have seen forks over knives. Here is where I stand on the whole healthy eating/living:

If I have a choice between premixed shake powders or fresh produce smoothies... I will ALWAYS choose fresh produce. I have many friends who swear by "shakes" (my husband is an avid protein shaker cup guy), but I know I feel healthy when I am living the smoothie life. 

Starting in April, I will do the 30-day Simple Green Smoothie Challenge. I am excited for all the new recipes and of course the instagram community that is super encouraging. I no longer feel bad that I instagram my smoothies. Please unfollow me. I no longer take it personal when people unfollow me on instagram (I used to feel a twinge of pain when its friends I know, I always give the excuse they deactivated their account-hah!) For those of you that like my smoothies, brace yourselves. 30-days of smoothies will begin April 1st! 

Why do I love smoothies? Partly because I can't stand the thought of eating a leafy green salad everyday of my life. I ate soo many salads for 5 years of my life that I no longer even entertain salads as an option most meals. The only salads I crave are greek salads from Zoes Kitchen or Panera (if I'm desperate) or a Chipotle salad where I use tortilla chips as the utensil to get the salad in my belly. I love love vegetables though! My favorite vegetable are Brussel Sprouts. Mostly, it's laziness. I am way too lazy to make a salad everyday. Making a spinach based smoothie is so easy! 

How do I feel when I smoothie for breakfast? I feel energized. I feel healthy. I feel good about my choice. I feel like I am using my money wisely on food. I feel like I don't waste produce when I do smoothies. We mix it up sometimes and juice, and that right there is so not sustainable everyday. I have to allow like 40 minutes extra in the am for juicing, as opposed to 15 minutes for the smoothie clean up. 

Here's how I smoothie:
BlenderNinja Master Prep Professional
I couldn't be more obsessed with this blender. I love that i have the food processor option and blender bowl. Though its one-speed, I feel like its a non-issue. Clean up is EASY! The blade comes out and everything stacks neatly together. I live in an apartment and kitchen storage is always tight. I didn't want an on counter blender. This thing blends like a champ.
Mason Jar - Container Store
Straws - Ikea 
Cutting Board - The Obsessive Chef 

1. Spinach Banana Walnut | 2. Non-GMO Carrots from friend's garden | 3. Citrus-Blast Carrot Smoothie | 4. Mango-Banana Spinach