I am the opposite of simple. I am creative, I am impulsive, I am random & sometimes I don't care that I am wearing running clothes to work the day after I wore a dress (cough- today). I am not a purse lady, nor am a I shoe lady, I am a clothes horse. I love clothes. I love layers. I love outfits.

A while back I found myself lost in the television show about messy people. At the time I had a messy apartment begging to be organized and directed into order, I needed motivation. When I watch Biggest Loser, I suddenly have this hankering to get on the treadmill. If I watch Chopped, I want to make a five-course meal with the scariest ingredients. Surely, watching Hoarders would inspire me to clean and not drag my feet anymore? 

One episode of Hoarders  is enough to make anyone want to bathe your home in bleach. It wasn't until I was 4 hours into Hoarders that I realized I couldn't stop watching and paranoid. I texted my husband that we need to start throwing stuff away. We are on the cusp of being hoarders. All the guitar picks, boxes of receipts, scrapbook papers and clothing were overwhelming me and I felt like our stuff was reaching the ceiling. Of course we are not anywhere near hoarder status. I take great joy in disposing of garbage and excessive stuff.

After watching Hoarders, we did do a spring cleaning. Phew! Safe! I am not a hoarder! 

Since spring cleaning is happening, im obsessed with:

Cleaning | Meyers Clean Day!
Organizing | Container Store Freezer Baskets (Please note, our fridge generally is stocked with mostly produce, but this was during my husband's juicing)