It's interesting when I start blogs, I can't seem to be consistent with them. In an effort to reign in all of my social media blogs and internet rabbit trail, I have decided this is where I will begin again. This is an  old blog, I have posts from 2007 on this one that I put into draft mode. So I transformed this blog from the previous title, "the untitled chapter" to what you see now.

My hope is this will be a safe place for me to be vulnerable in hopes my story somehow helps another. For example, the photo above is this past Saturday. I called it Wife Day as I conquered meal planning for the husband & I, Sam's Club, Ikea & even attempted to clean a little. I am not the perfect house wife I want to be. I don't keep up with our laundry, I don't make our bed everyday like I did in the beginning, and I certainly don't cook as much as I could. While there are a lot of "don't" in my life, I am trying to be ok with it. I know my man loves me for what I AM. I just read a blog today that reminded me to:
Spot the lies you are believing about yourself. Call them out. Speak truth to yourself and to others in your life. Live in grace. We are good enough, but we don't for a second have it all together...nor does that truth allow us to sit and make excuses. There's so much beauty in that, y'all. There's room for growth. There's room for mistakes. There's room for repentance & admitting we're wrong. There's room for SO much grace. 

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