I'm so excited about the site refresh. As a creative I feel like I am my worst client when it comes to designing for myself. This weekend was awesome! I had the privilege to brush up on my camera skills at my bestie's first photography workshop, OHHH Snap!. It was spectacular! I met a local food blogger, a few teachers, some nurses + a few mommas. I was shocked I was the only graphic designer there! It was such a fun mix of generations, learning how to use the camera on manual modes and fully understanding aperture, iso and shutter speed. Practice is practice!

Welcome to my new series MATRON MONDAYS . Each week I plan on posting about marriage or the home. My hope with this series, is to get a conversation started. Over the next few weeks, you will hear from some of my friends who are newlyweds o engaged. This month marks the halfway point of our first year of marriage. It baffles me to think of how many people told us the first year is the hardest. I honestly thought dating + the engagement was harder, but I'm totally learning that the first year of marriage has it's challenges in different ways.

What are two things you love about being married?

I love being able to dream about the future together... owning a Tumbleweed tiny house on wheels, buying land, gardening, and being self-sufficient. It is so much more inspiring and real when your partner is motivated and passionate about the same things as you are. Creativity is always nurtured while dreaming together; more than it ever was when I was single and unsure of my future.

As simple as this may sound, I thoroughly enjoy having a cuddle buddy when I fall asleep at night. I love being able to run my fingers through his hair and watch him fall asleep peacefully after a long hard day of working and learning. Just watching someone fall asleep and being able to cuddle with them seems to give you a sense of sentiment and appreciation that can easily get misplaced throughout your normal, daily routine.

What is hard about being married?

One of the things that I am struggling with the most is our time together. Our schedules just never match up. Since we have school and work on our plates, it makes it very rare to have spend quality time together.

Another thing that is really hard about being married (at least during our season of life) is the fact we get to do all of this dreaming of the future together with no means to act on it at the moment. When you are young and first starting out, you don't normally get to buy your own house and do all of the things that you are blessed to do when you are more established. So the waiting period is the hardest for me. We have to set our dreams on a shelf in our one bedroom apartment in the city, and keep dreaming of the land in the countryside.

Cody and Bre currently live in Nashville! They will celebrate their 1-Year Anniversary on May 27th. Cody is a close friend of my husband & use to be in a band with him. Cody is currently at Belmont studying Audio Engineering. The guy is a musical creative & Bre is a jewelry maker

What are two things you love about your fiance?

1. He loves God!

2. He has this special light about him...I call it the Taylor M. light. Everyone who is close to him knows what I'm talking about. He's a magnet! (I agree with Monica! I know this guy, and he is positively the sweetest, most magnetic guy you could meet. His heart is huge!) You want to be around him. His heart is so beautiful.

What are the two hardest things about being engaged?

1. Being engaged and not having a wedding date set! Which means not being able to plan. Double !!!!

2. The waiting. Waiting to start our life together!! I'm SO ready and SO excited. He is my soulmate! I'm ready to get this show on the road!

Do you have a date set?
No date set, but would really really love a January 2014 winter wedding. 

Taylor & Monica currently live in The Woodlands, TX. Monica is just a little trendsetter! She is an up-and-coming pop artist and rock-star Jewelry designer!  

What are two things you love about your fiance?

1. I love that Cody has such a beautiful heart of worship and sings and plays for the Lord. 

2. I also love his face. He's hot!

What are the two hardest things about being engaged?

1. Being engaged is awesome, but it sucks at the same time. Saying goodnight is really hard for us, because we are just ready to finish up a lonnnngg hard day of work and fall asleep together.... I'm very much looking forward to that when we are married. Being able to just relax at night together and not have to say goodnight and good bye. 

2. And of course the obvious. We are getting closer, and want to get CLOSER if you know what I mean (wink wink)!!!! It's hard to resist the temptations, but the day is coming soon, and I get him for the rest of my life. So we are being patient!!! ( hehehehe )

Do you have a date set?

My wedding date is June 7th.

Cody + Britta currently live in Albuquerque. Cody is a worship leader & Britta is a videographer. Cody is yet another friend of the husband and former band mate. I am most excited for this wedding, because I get to finally travel to New Mexico & see more of America. 

** All Photographs Courtesy of  Bre, Monica & Britta.**