Meet Ashley

I am Ashley Beatrice. I am a wife to Jimmy Cardoza. I am a full-time graphic designer at a church in The Woodlands, Texas. I am in my first year of marriage, I'm as they say a learning wife. I love creativity in all things. To me creativity doesn't necessarily mean complicated ( I love simplicity ). I love intertwining, mixing, meshing creativity in my faith + my life. Creativity is such an open-ended topic, but for this blog - it means thinking outside the box. I love green smoothies, trying to eat healthy, staying active, being a wife, decorating, style + Jesus. I am a Connecticut transplant to Texas ( though I say y'all + wear camo hats, I will always love Connecticut). Everyone is always so surprised at how acclimated to southern living I am. I went to college in Springfield, Mo. for all four years. So the move/exodus to the south, wasn't that big of a deal. Then again, Texas is it's own nationality.

Why I Blog:
There seems to be an outstanding amount of social media outlets that make me known to the internet world. This little piece of the internet jungle is my own. I gave up trying to impress some people, they aren't my target. Welcome to my spot, where I mesh creativity in faith + life. 

There will be things I write about on here that are not of popular opinion. I am unashamedly going to blog about faith specific to my Christian walk. I am going to blog for an audience of one, my heavenly father (at least I am going to try to keep that as my motto, as to avoid the comparison game). I also accept that not everyone (including friends) will agree with me + we can still be friends (i hope). This little space is to reveal to others that I'm broken + constantly seeking out Jesus. I will write from my heart in hopes that to love and encourage people from afar. If anything, this is something I want any of my future kids to stumble upon + learn from. This is just the beginning.