We are at Day 3. The smoothies have been going splendid. I made the beginners luck smoothie Monday and finished the other half on Tuesday. I have to admit, its either the organic banana or the unsweetened almond milk that almost makes me think something is fermented. If I want to drink fermented awkwardness, I'll try kombucha again. This morning I made the Peach Berry (recipe at end of the post). I don't think this one will be a favorite. The bok choy is probably what did it. I know this week is all about rotating greens, but I think spinach and kale will probably be my go-to greens.

For the most part we are sticking to a leniently modified paleo plan. I have only replaced breakfast with smoothies and eat the paleo dinner leftovers for lunch. Dinners are also paleo/whole30.  I have tried two recipes. One was a total success and we will have this all the time, while the other wasn't our favorite.

Meal 1: Stuffed Peppers
I personally haven't cooked beef in my adult life ( I will post about the time I went vegan/vegetarian in college), so my loving husband gave me grace on this dish. If it had been chicken centered, I would've totally knocked it out of the park. I am only good at following recipes where I like all the ingredients listed. I also fail at taking accurate measurements. Please note from the first picture, how many pans and bowls I had going. I really dislike super messy recipes.

Where I know I made the mistake was in how I treated the onion. That white fleshy guy is totes sensitive. I have become increasingly obsessed with my ninja food processor attachment. It's the easiest clean up ever. Just three pieces: cup, blade, top. The motor is a one speed attachment. I pulsed the onion a bit too much. It became pulp and way too juicy. I had also pulsed the garlic with onion. The result was a meat that tasted way too oniony for our preference. It was almost Greek spiced. We had to jazz it up with BBQ sauce or Tabasco. We also served it with Feta, which I know isn't paleo, because we have a sams club container of feta crumbles we don't want to waste.

Due to the fact I have NO IDEA how to make beef, I cooked up almost 2lbs of it. So now we have about 1lb of this already seasoned & cooked beef. If you have any ideas as to what we can do to repurpose it, that would be totally rad. We're toying around with making a quick chilli or sloppy joes. The husband has been using it in his omelette in the morning. In the end, we probably won't make this recipe again.

Meal 2: Slow cooker cilantro lime chicken & Mango Jalapeño Guac

Holy crap! This one made my husband want to hug me a lot.

Confession, I don't have a crock-pot. I have no more mental space or kitchen space for another appliance. My dutch oven usually treats me well enough for the slow cooking recipes. It wasn't until a really good friend informed me that I probably shouldn't have left my stove on all day with the dutch oven on it, alone. Yes, I went to work. Yes, I left a warm stove unattended. Before you call the apartment complex (who are already on my poop list), I have a glass top electric stove. Practically the same thing as a slow cooker, right? In my defense, I came home at lunch and it still was on the lowest warm setting ever and I only turned up the heat a little bit only when I was home.

I prepared everything for the chicken yesterday morning before I left for work. Thankfully my smoothie was already made. The chicken itself was probably the tastiest, lightest, healthiest version of Tex-Mex I have ever had. I swear, the longer I live in the Texas, the better my Tex-Mex is getting. I am also becoming more adventurous. If there is a recipe I am following, I use it more as a suggestion, but go with my instincts.

Cilantro-Lime Chicken (serves 4-6)

4 Boneless Chicken Breasts, completely thawed
24 oz of Homemade Salsa
(In a Blender- 1 can rotel, 1 can diced tomatoes, a splash of tonys seasoning & tobasco )
1 bunch of cilantro leaves, chopped
Paleo Taco Seasoning
( 1 tsp of each : Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder, Red pepper flakes & Mexican Oregano)
1 Lime Juiced
Ice berg lettuce (for wraps)


1. Prepare Salsa, Cilantro & Seasoning. Place in the dutch oven/slow-cooker
2. Add chicken. Cover completely with Salsa
3. Cover and set stove/cooker to the low setting.
4. Let cook for the day. (I had mine started at 8:30am and we ate at 6pm)
5. When it gets closer to serving time, I boiled down some of the excess salsa juices and pulled the chicken apart. It should shred by fork.
6. Serve over iceberg lettuce wraps.

Mango Jalapeno Guac (super easy- just dice up and serve)
2 Small Avocado
2 Small Jalapeño (no seeds)
1 Mango

Smoothie Recipe:
1 baby bok choy, with stems -- accidentally on purpose left the stems off, wonder if those would've helped
1 1/2 cups almond milk, unsweetened regular milk, our almond milk is bad-- were switching to coconut
1 cup raspberries, fresh
1 cup peaches, frozen
1 banana
2 tablespoon chia seeds (optional topping)  not for $15 a bag, not yet ready to make that plunge